Law, Duty, Honor



(Look, I'm too lazy to find a more fitting picture.  I just updated my site, okay?  Cut me some slack.  You judgmental monster.)

It's an office.  Jarring beyond belief, to walk from a warm, cozy cabin into a building of steel and concrete, past which an entire civilization can be seen.  New York?  London?  Berlin?  As if pulled from smoke and dust, it sits there, empty of life in more ways than one.  The only things pertinent to you that can be easily seen are a set of three folders on a glass desk, hastily set down and forgotten.  There's a thin sheen of dust over them, and everything else.  In order, you begin to read.


Each folder is neatly labeled and marked, with a summary paragraph at the fore of each.  The first, labelled 'content', is the one you read now.  Its summary is simple. 

"I love writing and I love reading, and if you're good at the former, I'll absolutely die for doing the latter.  When I write, it's often to an obsessive degree.  I love long-winded replies, extensive dialogue scenes, and so on.  Let me know if you don't like that.  As for what I write like, the Keeper is a good example.  Last of all, most of my RPs are laid out like stories, with specific introductions, chapters, and a slough of characters and plotlines to explore."
Next.  Limits.  It is precisely one sentence.

"I ask only that whatever you write be justified, rather than gratuity for its own sake."
Last comes the story, yet it likely should have been first.  The writer most likely was too lazy to switch around the categories, and so instead made a stupid joke about it.

"As you may have seen, I'm an absolute sucker for storytelling.  It's just my thing.  I love writing characters, I love writing plots, I love writing factions, I love writing history, I love, love, love.  There is no genre I do not enjoy, there is no fandom I will not try, there is no plotline I will not consider.  Ask me for a world tailored to you - and I will make one.  Between us, as the Keeper said, I do have a rather fetishistic desire for control in my roleplays.  While I am always open to advice, criticism, and requests, and will always work to make an RP wherein you affect the world - and which is shaped around your character - I love to run everything else.  To play against you.  To explore your character as you explore all I have to offer.  While I'm open to trying new things, new styles - my comfort zone is where I'm comfortable, and where I'm best."