Law, Duty, Honor



It's precisely what you expected.  A breathtaking number of books stretching out.  Of course, it's only a few shelves, but they're all by one person.  The writer.  Some of these are old, and some are new.  Some broad, some small.  Many, you note, have not been touched since the day they were conceived.  Some are heavily weathered.  All are laid out in a particular pattern, ranging from the least to the most complex, with the writer's personal craving's marked by an exclamation mark.  How very helpful for you.
Haven (*) (Fantasy Adventure)
In the small, secluded village of Haven, nothing much happens at all.  Nearly twenty years ago, Ser Maris Gorm returned home to Haven after a devastating war that saw the near-collapse of the empire.  That war, the empire, and the aftermath are all irrelevant to the people of the village, who fish, farm, and hunt in peace.  The two children he brought with him from the war are nearly grown to adulthood, and are to be fully accepted into society at the harvest festival.  Unfortunately, on that night, things do not end well.  When a series of murders strikes the town, chaos ensues, and it is up to one of his children to head out to find the culprit - a search that will take them far beyond their secluded village.
Spectre (*) (Future War)
For the most talented soldiers, far beyond mere promotions and honors, the greatest privilege is a ticket to the United Spectre Academy.  Within its secluded walls, a new era of combat has been reached.  Spectres are made into living weapons, augmented and trained for perfection on the battlefield.  These skills are not given lightly.  This all comes in the wake of a global uprising against those that command the Spectres - the United Nations.  Soon, your training will be finished, and you will be deployed to combat the growing insurgency to the best of your ability.  The only problem is that your opponents have traitorous Spectres in their own ranks, and the line between right and wrong is blurred beyond recognition.
Gray Ranks (*) (Dark Historical)
Occupied Poland is not a pleasant place.  Hardline rule, a ruinous partition, and the policies of foreign invaders have made the country bleed.  War lingers on the fringes of the country, with whispers of an underground resistance fighting the Axis powersAir raids rule the night and crackdowns rule the day.  Gunfire sounds in the distance, and more black boots arrive by the week.  You are one of the Grey Ranks, an underground courier organization dedicated to assisting the resistance.  You are not a soldier, and your mission is not to fight.  Instead, you will spy.  You will sabotage, infiltrate, and misinform.  A tempest looms, however, and a heroic resistance will soon turn into a desperate fight for survival in a cold and violent world.
A Killing (*) (Gothic Noire)
Thea is not an old kingdom.  Those who have seen enough decades to gray their hair can remember the old days; the first conquest.  And they remember the days that made the land bleed.  Today, Thea is beset on all sides by ruinous forces.  On the fringes of the land, in a wilderness that stretches in all directions, rebels, werewolves, and even darker things roam in the wildlands.  In its cities and armies, vampires and traitors feed on chaos and disorder.  The old king has died.  You, one of a dwindling order dedicated to keeping peace, are to return to the capital for the young prince's coronation.  But something is watching you in the darkness.  And it is hungry.
Defiance (**) (Star Wars)

In a revamped and edited version of Star Wars, the old days of the galaxy are long gone.  The Republic was overthrown three decades ago, and the Jedi Order that protected it has gone into hiding from their perennial enemies, the Sith.  A new Empire has arisen, holding all the galaxy together in a tenuous and often violent control.  Led by the legendary Emperor Palpatine, they seized control after nearly single handedly saving the galaxy from an invasion on the fringes of space.  But what once seemed like a bastion against the corrupt, incompetent police state the Republic had become now seems almost worse.  For this, rebellion has arisen, but you know very little of that.  You awaken without your memory, on a ship filled with dead soldiers, which is being torn apart on a collision course for a frozen, dark world.

Eos (***) (Science Fiction)

The city of Eos is a city upon a hill, a glorious light shining in the embers of a ruined Earth. From all fringes of the wastes come refugees, hoping to get inside its great walls, but the shining lights and glamor belie the truth. Eos is in chaos, led by a power-hungry and insane prophet, whose words are law and enforced by an armed police equipped with the best weapons and technologies a world of scientists and technicians can offer. In the great underground of the city, where many refugees, dissidents, and other undesirables are stuffed, a rebellion has sparked up, massive in scope, but in total disunity and chaos. This great rebellion has been spurred by the beginning of an infection unlike any others seen or even fabled before, which threatens to overtake the entire city, and leave the last hope for humanity the beginning of the end of all things.
Icarus (**) (Steampunk Action)
No can remember when, exactly, humanity took to the skies.  There are legends, of course, told in the songs and stories by the old to the young.  But no one really believes them.  It doesn’t truly matter, either.  All that matters is that the world below is far too dangerous for humanity anymore, and that creatures once limited to their two feet now fly.  In this, they use massive airships, some as large as a house, and others vast as cities, travelling to and from the Anchors - the few stationary towers that make up the last of true civilization.  With an air filled with strange beasts and marauding pirates, and a land too deadly to walk upon, danger fills every second.  But some folk embrace that. 
Filth (***) (Space Intrigue) (!!!)
Humanity has expanded its influence across the solar system in the 28th Century, stretching from the burning spires of Mercury to distant mining outposts on Neptune.  For nearly a century, humanity has been bitterly divided against itself, between the rival titans of the hollow Imperium of Mars, a shell of its former glory, and the brutal Republic - all of whose citizens are given a simple choice at adulthood.  Serve - or die.  You have found yourself among the Courts of Mars, whether as a Sword of her Courts, a Knight of Mars, a Jurist in her militaries, or a mercenary in the employ of a noble. And you have just found yourself sent on a mission of death against a Republic space station hiding on the Kuiper Belt.  Dread lingers over you and the mission, even before the ominous name of the Further King begins to hang over everything.  This is a story that will take you from the deadly, chaotic Courts of Mars to the slums of Luna and the glorious towers of the Rim.  The solar system is ready to tear itself apart - and you, one way or another, will have to pick up the pieces however you see fit.
Impact (***) (Zombie Aftermath)
There was no such thing as a safe haven when they came.  There were a thousand names for them.  Infected, zombies, screamers, or old friends.  Six months after the first cases erupted in Burma, no one could get a signal from Asia, Brazil was firebombing its countryside, the United States had nuked half its territory, and most of Europe was dead or dying.  It seemed like the United Kingdom would go the same.  By then, London had been overwhelmed, Ireland was already gone, and the army was losing.  But it didn’t fail.  In the end, a grueling campaign was waged by the United British Authority to take their homeland back inch by bloody inch.  Several years have been passed since Britain was declared safe.  But after a disastrous attempt to take back Ireland, and the revelation that the infected were evolving, chaos has erupted once more.  And it comes to a fever pitch when a plane full of the monsters crashes into London, sending the Authority tumbling down, and a wave of death across Britain.
Oblivion (***) (Modern Crime)
In the same night, three attacks rock the world.  A massive explosion tears through an apartment block in Phoenix, Arizona.  Deep in Chihuahua, Mexico, three American agents are summarily executed.  And thousands of miles away, in the jungles of the Congo, a convoy of United Nations peacekeepers are killed.  All three of these events are recorded and put online under by a group calling themselves the ‘Three Kings’.  Three stories ensue from this, and you will take on one or all three at once, of local police attempting to maintain order in Phoenix, of American agents infiltrating Mexican cartels, and of special forces tracking down a dangerous arms dealer across the world.  All these story intertwine into a dangerous conspiracy, and the exact nature of right and wrong slowly grays into a lethal spiral.

Ashlands (**) (Survival Horror)
Nuclear fire has kissed the surface of Earth.  Nothing as far as the eye can see has been spared ruin, the taste of ashes and death.  Chicago is no exception.  It, too, was struck with missiles, covering the city in a perpetual sea of ashes, locking those caught in the firestorms in standing statues of ash.  Beneath the surface of these ashes, monsters slumber, and above it, humans wake.  Both terrifying, in their own ways.  Caught in an eternal winter, in a sea of gray, you must survive or fall.  There is no alternative.  Food is rare, weapons are treasured, and medicine is unto gold.  You have set out into the heart of the Ashlands for some purpose or another - exile, desperation, or something else entirely.  Here, the worst rule, whether above or below.  And when night falls, what was once a broken, empty world, becomes a savage fight for every second.  Good luck.  You’ll need it.
Graceland (***) (Fantasy War)
Two brothers have brought half the world to its knees in a brutally destructive civil war for their father’s crown.  Many years have passed since that war began, and the defeated brother now searches for allies in strange places, while the other rules over a land now nearly destroyed.  To the west, demons have begun to pierce the veil of the world and seep through the portal thought closed in the ruined Graceland.  You, meanwhile, awaken on a beach, half-drowned and soaked with cold water, unable to remember anything other than your name.  Behind you, ghostly fire burns a fleet to the waterline, and ahead, on the island you inhabit, the howl of demons raises the hair on your neck.  Brief flashes of war linger behind your eyes, and the truth demands to be recognized, but it will not come back to you as you rise.  But when it does, the world will tremble.  Will you redeem your old name?  Will you reclaim your life?  Or will you damn yourself?